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I LOVE to spin, dye, weave, knit and crochet

I love to make luxury handmade fibre accessories at my studio in the sunny Suffolk countryside.

Pastures Ewe was formed after losing my job and I decided to make my passion and 
hobby into a business... this business!

jan Hannaford

My love affair with fleece started shortly after I bought an old spinning wheel from an antique shop; I thought it would make a nice ornament in the hall.  After looking at it for a few weeks I decided to learn to use it and make my own woollen yarn for knitting.

I spun and I spun and soon I had so much more wool than I could knit. so I thought I’d learn how to weave so I bought a loom.  Then I thought if I spun with white fleece I could dye my own yarn, so I learnt how to dye and dyeing with Woad became my passion.  Then I saw a vegetarian rug – yes, you can guess what happened next...


For years I’ve had a wonderful hobby, and as a result I have become interested in learning about sheep breeds, the different fleeces, dyeing with natural plants, and the history of all things sheepy. I then lost my job, due to COVID 19 and I decided to turn my passion into a business. I now enjoy working in my garden studio in sunny Suffolk with my beloved dog, Jessica sitting by my side.

Jessica on her vegetarian rug

Jessica Hannaford

Head of Quality Control.

Lover of all things fluffy and soft, Jessica has spent a considerable amount of time learning her craft and researching comfortable rugs, cushions and throws



Based in Suffolk, we support traditional crafts and the textile making skills that our local area's wealth was founded upon.


I am committed to supporting farmers to promote the wide
variety of sheep breeds including conservation breeds.


I have established personal relationships with the farmers I source my fleeces from.

rob's sheep high res.jpg


The sheep are shorn/clipped each year and I buy the sheared sheep fleece from small flocks, rare and conservation breeds, meaning no  animal is harmed in the process.

ONLY buy from farmers with ANIMAL WELFARE at their heart!

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