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'Velvet' is a handsome Gotland sheep and this rug made from Velvet's fleece is absolutely fabulous.  His fleece of tight curls is in every variation of grey and silver and very soft and silky.   The size makes it a big statement piece for either a beautifully rug or throw.    Gotland sheep originated from the island of Gotland, where primitive examples still exist.  The breed is famous for their curly, soft, silky lustre fleece.


Vegetarian ‘sheep friendly’ rugs

Felting is a laborious labour of love, and each piece is designed and handcrafted entirely by hand. Although every effort is made to remove vegetable matter it is inevitable you will find bits of hay or wild vegetation entwined within the felted rugs which adds a unique and organic quality to each hand designed piece.


Supporting UK small farms and shepherds

Every purchase from Pastures Ewe directly supports UK small farms and shepherds and helps to increase the stock of rare and heritage sheep breeds.


Don't forget; our lovely sheep grow their fleeces at their own pace and never like to duplicate their work, so all rugs are made to order and never identical in design. 

'Velvet' a Gotland cruelty free vegetarian rug 5' x 3'

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