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luxury, individual,
unique, handmade -
made with care and love

free shipping* 

*on UK orders over £50

 *  Pastures Ewe for handmade rare breed eco friendly sheep fleece
     rugs, throws, seat pads and pet beds  
*  Each piece is designed and handcrafted entirely by hand 
*  Each purchase directly helps increase the s
tock of rare and
     heritage sheep breeds  
*  Commissions welcome  

     New stock to be placed on this website over the next couple of days  

'Lulu' a Leicester Longwool sheep.jpg
'Luna's' fleece as a  rug or throw 170x90 £225.jpg

Vegetarian Rugs

Bookmarks 2.jpg

Book Tassels

Jessica on her vegetarian rug

Woven Pet Rugs

'Teddy's' fleece as a small felted rug or seat pad 60x45 £55.jpg

Seat Pads

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My vegetarian rugs are proving very popular and selling fast. Please contact me if you would like me to make you a rug from a particular breed fleece.


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